What Does a Mail Order Bride Cost?

hot mail order bride woman in blackRest assured that mail order brides really do exist, and they can be found using Internet resources. These are women that list themselves in online catalogs advertising their availability for marriage. Women interested in using these services to find mates come from several different countries.

Primarily, the majority come from former Soviet Union countries, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Surprisingly, there is a bit of a process to go through, and the cost of mail order brides can vary substantially depending upon the services you use and the country of the girl. Learn aout the processes and costs involved for getting a new bride.

Select a Service

Each website providing services can vary somewhat. Check out several to get an introduction to how they work and services they provide. Many sites provide pictures of the women, allow email communications and some sites also offer live chat.

Find out as much information as possible to find the best candidates and rule out others. Catalogue costs listing women average about $120 and memberships or subscriptions range from $80 to about $650.


After studying several profiles of women, you will naturally narrow the field down by selecting the best potential mates. Expect to pay a fair amount for various charges when getting to know a prospective mate. Each service may have different charges for communicating with women, but most services do charge adding to your cost of mail order brides.

To send letters and gifts in the mail it is necessary to purchase the address for each potential bride, which averages $10 to about $15. Some sites offer bulk discounts for addresses. The more addresses requested the cheaper the cost per address. There may or may not be a charge for email addresses.

Some sites charge as much as $5 per letter. Consider paying for texting messages that can add up quickly. Many of the women in some of these countries cannot afford the costs of texting on their salaries.

After communicating via letters, most men and women will of course want to talk on the phone. In most cases, because of language and custom differences it is worth spending the money on a translator. This helps both parties feel more confident in what is being said and to understand customs and traditions of unfamiliar countries. Costs for phone call translations usually start at $5.95 a minute.


It is recommended to visit the country of a future bride at least twice to meet her and get to know each other. In addition, the families of the bride will want to meet you and make sure of your sincerity.

Romance tours to see girls are usually offered on the mail order bride sites and range from $3,500 to $7,500. These packages include accommodations and airfare. If a translator is needed during dates, the costs average anywhere from $8 to $15 per hour.

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Visa Applications

An appropriate VISA application must be filed to bring a fiancée into the states. The form to be filed is a K-1 Fiancée VISA application and the cost is $450 USD. Many of the documents required for filing would also need translating, which costs an additional $250.

Costs can vary depending upon each situation, but the average cost of mail order brides ranges from $1,000 to about $15,000. Therefore, it is important to find a legitimate bride service and select a future mate carefully. Many of these types of marriages are quite successful and couples remain happily married.

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