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10 Reasons Why South African Women Marry Foreigners

South African women are plentiful, and the ratio of men is often not in their favor. These women are very unique, elegant, and know how to be sexy – yet do it with class.

There are plenty of reasons for a foreigner to marry a South African woman, and likewise, many of these reasons are similar to why African women marry foreigners.

So, let’s review the Top 10 Reasons why African women prefer foreigners and are often happiest marrying one to make a family with!

1. Ambitious for Knowledge

A major attraction to foreigner men, especially western-men like American or Australian is that they often have achieved at least a high-school education, and are quite ambitious toward higher education. In many cases, at least 2 to 4 years of college has been completed, and others more.

This is very attractive, as often this is not the case with South African men, as education is not valued the same, or taken seriously.

And, while sure economy undoubtedly comes into play, the truth is anybody in almost anywhere in the world can find a way to make it work if they really want to, and the ambition to further one’s education is often an internalized motivator.

2. Gentle and Kindness

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For a lot of South African women, both outside of and within major cities, physical or domestic abuse is very common. So, between mail order brides and the appeal in general for South African women towards foreigner men, it remains quite significant.

Also, like most women, they fantasize about their ‘knight in shining armor’, and a foreigner will meet that cultural – adventurous – physical appearance, and personality appeal or dream.

Foreign men are known for being softer with words, and touch. They are also appreciated and desired for their romanticism and love that they are known for showing women – so again very popular among South African women for these reasons.

As mentioned below, American and western men, in general, are known for also being spontaneous – especially in the ways they love and care for women, which adds to their overall appeal.

South African women typically are quite traditional, have class, and are much less focused on “sex appeal”, but rather marriage and finding their other half – often what men seeking a mail order bride are looking for as well.

A lot of SA (South African) women have also mentioned that men specifically from places like Zulu and Xhosa are known for being the toughest on their women. This causes a lot of women from these places to seek out marriage through arranged marriage websites, dating, or mail order bride agencies – and by moving to the city.

3. Accent Speech and Creativity

More than likely, your South African mail-order bride or woman of interest will have a major attraction to your accent, and the ways you speak.

Understandably, even in English, it’s more than likely much different, and you will express yourself in ways that she’s never seen or experienced before – which is a major bonus.

Also, South African women are attracted to how creative, unique, and imaginative American and other western men are, which is why they are all the more willing to sign up for mail-order bride services or seek out foreign men.

4. Sophistication and Class

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A lot of South African women feel limited in their access to sophisticated, or classy men. And, when possible, if they feel as though this is something they can achieve by being a “mail-order bride” so to speak or seeking services and friends to connect with foreigner men, then it is worth it to them.

A lot of SA women have expressed their genuine desire, interest, and satisfaction with a foreigner man and marriage, specifically because of how sophisticated he was.

A major factor here is also that SA women have taken note that no matter your economic background, in most cases, assuming you are from a western country, you will have a certain level of class, and expectations or goals in life to make it in this world.

Additionally, that you’ll have ambitions to be successful, and one day have a family of your own – while being a good provider.

Of course, just as you seek a woman you can bring home to your family or introduce to your mother, likewise, a South African woman seeks a foreigner classy enough to be able to bring home to hers.

5. Stress and Happiness

A lot of SA women have illustrated that they find a much more stress-free life with marrying a foreigner, not just because of money per say, but more so due to a lack of spending, gambling, neglect, and alcoholism.

So, trending-wise, a lot of foreigner men that have dated and married South African women in comparison do not have these issues, or to the extent of the local men. In turn, bringing SA women greater happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction in life – and their marriage with a foreigner.

6. Fascination and Traveling

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Understandably, just as foreigner men find South African women interesting or fascinating, likewise they see you the same way.

They like something new, a person that isn’t entirely or nearly as predictable as local SA men, and someone that is going to keep them on their toes.

Also, naturally, having the ability to travel, including to your home country – regardless of where you decide to settle down – is a big variable for why South African women seek out and happily marry foreigner men.

After all, who doesn’t love to, or dream of traveling the world someday and exploring new places?

7. Multilingual Children

This is a big driving force, as many South African women do value education and the future of their children; multiculturalism and multilingualism.

These two major variables are quite attractive for a South African mail-order bride, so if she feels like she can get either one if not both by marrying a (good) foreigner man then chances are she’ll happily oblige.

8. The “Fancier” Things in Life

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Not to be mistaken for serious materialism or “gold-diggers”, SA women – like most women in general – love goods, the little things, and especially enjoy chocolate.

And, this is something that’s limited in South Africa, or otherwise extremely expensive and imported.

So, for any South African “mail-order bride” or woman dating a foreigner, this is always an exciting, “icing on the cake” benefit of marrying a foreigner.

Again, most South African women come from a simple life and background, so it’s really the smaller, special, and personalized things that will impress them, or give them happiness.

9. Two Weddings

Something perhaps often overlooked by or not otherwise considered by foreigners seeking a South African ‘mail-order bride’ is a double-wedding.

And, while neither necessarily has to be fancy or expensive, the possibility of having a second wedding – in each country – or for the sake of each side’s family is very appealing.

South African women (and women in general) are typically very sentimental, so don’t mistake this as materialism or “money grubbing” behavior – although use your judgment.

In most cases, this is just part of every woman’s dream since being a little girl, and having a second wedding obviously sweetens the pie or fantasy.

10. Charm and Cultural Immersion

Last but not least, South African women find and love how absolutely charming American and other foreigner men can be.

Even the little things we might not notice that we do, and those we do intentionally – chivalry- such as holding the door for them can make all the difference in our overall appeal.

Also, being a good listener adds to this dynamic, and making eye-contact, valuing communication, and opening up about your feelings.

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