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Common Myths Surrounding Mail Order Brides

Many eligible bachelors in the US do not have a problem with mail order brides, but all the emerging scams are creating a lot of negative publicity.

This article demystifies the misconceptions about mail order brides;

Myth: Mail order brides are searching for sugar daddies

This is probably the most common myth surrounding mail order brides. Some people think that these girls are only in search of rich men from developed countries, and that they always disappear once they have ripped them off.

The Truth: Most of these women were raised in very conservative societies that deny them of their rights to equality and more often than not they are just looking for a man who lives in a country that believes in gender equality.

Myth: It is thought that mail order brides cannot support themselves financially and that they always rely on their partners for financial assistance.

The Truth: This could not be further from the truth considering that most mail order brides are educated women who are just looking to settle down in a foreign land with a man who loves and respects them. Just because they are excellent home makers does not mean they cannot do anything else.

Avoiding the Mail Order Bride Money Scam

It is easier to fall for a woman who intends to scam you if you participate in dating sites that have large numbers. This is because they easily blend into these sites and they present a larger market for them.

Although these women are considered con artists, you should just recognize and avoid them. If you make it clear that you do not intend to spend any money them they will not bother you again.

Alternatively, you can promise to send her some money on her birthday or Christmas, but not at the moment. If she still maintains contact that could be a good sign. You are not obligated to send any cash if you are not sure.


The Signs of a Mail Order Brides Scam

When a woman starts telling you about how life is hard in her country and how her entire family needs help, you should proceed with caution.

This is equivalent to a man declaring his intentions for sexual fulfillment very early in the relationship. Most genuine dating sites will have the following requirements;

  1. They should require every girl to hand in a photo with specific specifications. Most scammers will shy away from such security controls.

Tip: You should very cautious with girls who reveal too much skin as they do it to entice you purposely.

  1. Most online dating scams prefer large dating sites where they can be inconspicuous, so opt for smaller sites with less than 1000 women.
  2. Look for sites that verify the girl’s photos using a web cam in order to check the image against the profile photos. The photos that have been verified are marked Verified while those that are still contentious are marked Not Yet Verified.

Precautions About Getting Mail Order Brides

Many websites that offer mail-order bride services have come up to match people who wish to develop meaningful relationships.

However, not all of them are genuine, and the following tips can help you avoid them:


If a website does not indicate their street address, that can be viewed as a red flag because they may not be a real company.


You should do your own research about the websites by looking for reviews from people who have used the service.

Although you cannot judge a book by its cover, a page that looks professional is more likely to be real.

Impersonal Letters

You should be wary of women who avoid getting personal in the letters they send you. Instead of using your name, they tend to use titles such as “sweetie” and “honey”.

You can tell if they are genuine by asking them personal questions if you mail them. If they are real they will definitely remember previous conversations.


If the match making service claims to be free but asks for money in the pretext of receiving and sending letters, it is probably a scam.

Any other mention of money is definitely a red flag as they could only interested on getting your money.


Getting a Green Card Through Marriage

A lot of people have dreamed of getting the benefits of working and living in the United States, and for this to be possible, they have to be a permanent resident.

There are different ways to acquire this. A close relative such as a parent or a child can be the one to petition a foreigner into getting a green card.

But acquiring a green card through marriage used to be one of the easiest ways to get a citizenship in the United States.

Because of this, immigration officers have been stricter in their requirements and standards that need to be passed in order to make sure that a certain marriage is legitimate and bonafide.

They screen the couples, questioning them individually to make sure that their answers are parallel to one another even though they were subjected to interrogations in separate rooms.

Those couples who are for real, however, do not have much to worry about. They simply have to keep it real and make sure that they are not trying to deceive anyone when they are being questioned or screened.

There are also certain parameters that need to be followed in order for the procedures to go without any hitches.

An example would be, that they any of the two persons to be married should be eligible, and not married to any other person at the time that they are set to wed.

They must have met at personally within the last two years before getting married, with the exception of if it will be extremely hard for this to take place or if they are to violate any parts of custom or tradition.

They must also remember to get married within ninety days of the foreign partner entering the United States, and cannot prolong their engagement.

Otherwise, they may face further complication and may have the possibility of getting a green card more and more difficult for them.

Examples of Marriage for Green Card Purposes

A lot of people in developing countries undergo marriage for green card acquisition purposes.

The opportunities in these countries are so much more wanting, and that is why a lot of people immigrate into the United States and other more advanced countries to have a greater source of regular income, and be able to better provide for their families and other dependents.

Unfortunately, a lot of people also undergo this process in order to get their green card much easier or quicker. This is one of the fastest ways to get one, and therefore be able to achieve the benefits of being a permanent resident in a more advanced country.

Because of this, immigration officers have been stricter throughout the years in terms of making sure that the marriage that took place is actually bonafide, and was not staged simply so the alien partner gets to live in the country and get work there faster.

They interrogate the couple in separate rooms and ask them questions that have to measure up to what the other partner also said. This is how they catch if the marriage is for real or not.

The other methods of getting a green card are to have a family member, such as a child or a parent petition for you. This takes longer – anywhere from a few months to a couple of years.

That is why a lot of people just take the marriage route. Some really stage marriages and get a dummy husband or wife, in order to uplift their families and give them better lives in the soonest possible time.

There are those who also want to simply have or keep their already established careers in the big cities of countries such as the United States or those in Europe, and these have been portrayed in movies such as The Proposal, and Green Card.


Marriage for Immigration and Permanent Residency Status

The reality is that the work options and job availability are more pronounced and considerably better in first world or new world countries, in proportion to those that are existing in third world countries.

This is the driving force behind the rise of number of immigrants that uproot their whole families, or leave their families behind, and transfer to a country that is thousands of miles away, in order to have a shot at a better job and higher income.

It is hard to be at par with the many expenses that have to be paid, and bills that have to be dealt with day in and out, especially with the rising population and the number of kids that a regular family typically has or keeps in this day and age.

The working man or woman takes on more dependents than ever before – even those that are outside his or her supposed responsibilities are answered for. This is what drives them to really seek alternative methods of earning money and working.

Marriage for immigration purposes are taken on by these workers, because they will not be able to stay for long in a certain country, long enough to be able to work and reap the benefits that is afforded to a regular citizen anyway, if they are not permanent residents.

That is why a lot of people get married to a citizen of the country that they wish to migrate to, in order to get their green cards faster and be able to work and earn as quickly as they possibly can.

Trying to apply alone or have someone else petition you is hard. However, it has also been harder for those who use the marriage tactic because immigration officers have been stricter in making sure that marriages with alien immigrants are real and legitimate.

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