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Mail Order Husbands

Do ‘Mail Order’ Husbands Exist?

The internet is full of billions upon billions of people from all walks of life, leaving their marks, creating contacts, and meeting one another from all over the world.

Thanks to the continued evolution of technology, online-dating has become a sort of a ‘norm’ for many people. While the reasons differ, naturally, each person whom seeks a “mail order” lover is typically doing so because they are too busy in their offline life to socialize, don’t feel the need to, or simply don’t want to.

Some might argue that such people don’t have the necessary social skills to find love the “normal” way, however we strongly disagree.

In fact, how would such a claim be supported when the reality is both many men and women seek a lover and future spouse from a faraway culture because they are not satisfied with their current options?

The Differences between “Mail Order” Lovers and Online Dating

Long gone are the days of “mail order” brides (or in this case grooms) as restrictive laws have been created and mishaps have occurred. However, with these experiences and changes came many positive alternatives and extended publicity that widened the pool of individuals that were serious about finding their significant other online.

While Websites like Eharmony, or LatinCupid attempt to match and create couples, a site known as RoseBrides has actually successful enacted a platform where women can seek out their prospective future grooms.

While still being based on a “date first” interface and online interactions, this site is specifically designed for women, of their choice, to find prospective Irish husbands—and it’s worth noting there’s even a “smaller” section for men to find Irish wives.

Irish men in general are especially popular with women because of their distinctive accents. Additionally, Irish men are known to culturally hold a strong value on their wife and family, so it’s no wonder why as of currently this is seemingly the only successful “mail order husband” website or service that exists with a sense of credibility.

Always make sure you do your research, and if a website seems suspicious or unlikely to genuinely produce results, keep walking. There are tens of thousands of dating sites out there, at minimum, so there’s bound to be a good fit for you!

Why Finding Men Online Can Be Difficult


Outside of the obvious, economical and societal hardship are common causes of women turning to the Internet to seek their prospective, typically Western, husbands to create a family with.

If we take into consideration a country like Russia, for example, we can appreciate that the ratio of women to men is strongly outnumbered by at least 5 to 1. Therefore, it makes sense that so many Russian, Ukrainian, and Slovak women in general pursue Western or foreign husbands online.

This, in combination with economic hardships, societal “norms” for marriage such as a drunkard and abusive husband all equate to more reasons for Russian women to seek their future husbands online. This is not to say that all Russian men are drunken woman-abusers.

In fact, this should not be misinterpreted as to exclude the reality that some, higher class and wealthier Russian men in fact use online services to find “mail order” or online brides with great success.

Another good example, from the other side of the world, would be Columbia. If we combine the economic hardship with an also similarly ‘machoistic’ society of men, it’s understandable why Columbian and other common Latin women pursue their husbands online.

With that being said, it’s practical to expect a continued growth of websites made for matching foreigner men with Russian, Middle Eastern, and Latin women.

While on the other hand, the likelihood of not only existent, but actually successful websites that produce prospective men for “mail order” or just simply love connections will continue to struggle and not be nearly as popular or effective.

Alternatives to a “Mail Order” Husband

Interested women should not preclude the possibilities of finding their future husband on an online chatroom site or dating website. Since there are much more of these than “mail order husband” site’s it’s likely that this will remain the future of such (indirect) “services”.

While it’s not uncommon for men to seek wives online, reverse engineering websites and services, setting up group dates and other gatherings for finding husbands will continue to be a struggle to develop, since the growth of online “mail order brides” seems to increase at least fivefold annually.

While the competition is fierce, it’s not necessarily unrealistic to expect more websites and sources for meeting your future husband online—it’s just going to take that one right “entrepreneur” to make it all happen and bring the idea or concept to life.

Why Travel is Important


It’s worth mentioning on an endnote that just as men will attempt to go to Latin countries or Slovak countries to “cold approach” prospective wives, that the same technique or techniques could be applied for women in search of their prospective husband. Although it may sound strange, the reality is that the demand does in fact exist.

What do both of these parties have in common? Both want to find someone good for them, that treats them well, with love, respect, loyalty, and is going to be a reliable provider for the future of one’s family—and that doesn’t mean a service or platform strictly designed for men only.

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