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Russian Bride Scams And How To Avoid Them

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Mail order brides from Russia , Ukraine, and the rest of Eastern Europe are popular with men from all over the world.  Everyday men click to these sites from Texas, Tasmania, and Turin.

It is really amazing, but the popularity has led to a variety of corrupt practices that together constitute the Russian bride scam.

The typical Russian bride scam starts with the male victim receiving an unsolicited email from some hot Russian babe and rule one to avoid being a victim is to never respond to unsolicited email about romance and dating.

Some of these emails can be pretty convincing, but it is the primary way scammers find their marks, because this gives the scammer more control of the situation as well as the target.

In most scam stories, the man almost certainly gets excited by the thought of an attractive younger woman taking interest in him, and he quickly looses his normal suspicion.

After a few emails, usually no more than a few weeks, the woman claims to be madly in love with the older American or European man. She asks to come visit him in Cleveland or London or wherever the man lives.

However, to do this she needs to money for her visa and airline ticket.   He is asked to send her money by some irreversible method such as wire transfer.

What the guileless gentleman does not realize is that he is probably not communicating with the woman of his dreams, and he might not even be emailing a woman. It could be a career criminal, a member of a scam ring.

Needless to say, will end up losing his money, and getting his heart broken too.

Other ways of getting money out of potential victims include faking a family “tragedy”, for English lessons, for internet connection, the list goes on.

Avoiding Dating SCAMS

The best way to avoid a Russian bride scam is to use a reputable agency, especially ones that are not based in

Eastern Europe.  Remember, that dating agencies based in the US, EU, Australia, or another Western country can be criminally prosecuted or sued for anything approaching a fraud.

That is why all of the agencies on this page are based in either the United States, the EU, or Australia.

Also, look for an older agency that has been in business for several years.

Finally, remember that only a very small percentage of men who use these sites ever fall victim to scams and that the good agencies try very hard to root out the scammers, because news about scams kills their business.

So, use a good international dating agency and a little common sense.  And DON’T SEND MONEY!

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